Types of Latex mattresses and Foam mattresses

This type of mattress is made up of latex, of natural or synthetic origin. Natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree, but most mattresses are made up of a mixture of the two. With hypoallergenic properties and mite-static and bactericidal characteristics, latex mattresses are reputed to be hygienic.

Compounds of alveoli and open cells, the air circulation is excellent and does not save moisture. It also has a reputation for guaranteeing impeccable comfort. We distinguish between three types of latex mattresses, according to the comfort zones. The comfort zones are obtained thanks to the distribution of the alveoli, providing more or less flexibility according to the precise zones.

Latex mattresses with 3 comfort zones

Mattresses of entry range. We distinguish three areas in which comfort is differentiated: the part of the head-men, the back and, finally, the part of the thighs-feet. They are relatively pleasant without, however, achieving optimum comfort.

Latex mattresses with 5 comfort zones

It is surely the latex mattresses with the best value for money. They have 5 comfort zones, differentiating the head, the shoulders, the back, the thighs and finally the feet. They are particularly adapted for people who have back problems, as they guarantee good central support.

Latex mattresses with 7 comfort zones

Much more expensive than mattresses with 5 comfort zones, they are no more comfortable. They may, however, be adapted for some sensitive people, particularly with back problems.

Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are very common but above all very diversified. There are all types of quality and comfort, ranging from the low-end mattress for an extra bed, to memory foam with unparalleled comfort. In general and whatever the type of foam mattress, the independence of the sleeping area is guaranteed.

Polyester foam

It is the cheapest foam mattress and the one that offers the least comfort. With a limited life span, it is reserved for extra beds, for example as a guest bed or in a second residence.

High resilience or polyurethane foam

The high resilience foam has a density higher than 30 kg / m³, but it can reach 60 kg / m³: there is a great variety of comfort according to the density and the density of the mattress.

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