How to identify the problems arising from sleeping on an old mattress?

The mites are not as visible as they seem but they accumulate on the mattresses with the passage of time. There are signs that the mattress needs to be renewed, but not all are easily appreciated. Here are some guidelines that may indicate the need to change the mattress:

  • If you notice that you breathe worse, you tend to sneeze very often or mucus that does not go away. It may be time to change your mattress.
  • If redness or itching appears, you may need an eye check and check the condition of your mattress.
  • Humidities are easy to locate and if they appear on your mattress do not ignore them. It must be changed immediately to avoid major health problems caused by fungi, such as respiratory.
  • If when waking up notes that you have the body as numb or stiff, this may be due to poor posture because of the firmness of the mattress.
  • The pain in the cervical area usually appears as much by the loss of mattress qualities after use as by the pillow.

We give you the solution

The recommended life years of a mattress are between 5 and 7 years. From that date, you must consider changing them. Betting on mattresses with more advanced technologies of rest will ensure a better mattress life. Since the materials with which the mattress is created to reduce the accumulation of mites and bacteria. They also have the perfect firmness degree to guarantee the best rest.

Although we do not take it as seriously as we should, sleep is key to well-being and health. The mattress is committed to the best combination of materials on the market, along with the latest technology of rest.

Ventilate the rooms at least 5 minutes before making the bed every day, it helps to aerate and eliminate the accumulation of bacteria and mites. Change and wash the sheets weekly and shake them every day before making the bed, will help with the cleaning of the mattress. A well-kept bed will make a difference and will help keep your mattress in the best conditions.

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