Can moisture appear on latex mattresses

As you know, in the market there are many different mattress materials and if you want to buy a mattress soon, this information interests you. Mattress material directly affects its quality, its hardness, its firmness … and not all are equal.

We will analyze viscoelastic mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses, and foam mattresses so you know how latex mattresses behave and what benefits you can get from them.

Latex mattresses

Natural latex is an aqueous suspension composed of fats, waxes and various rubbery resins that are obtained through the cytoplasm of angiosperm plants and fungi.

Contrary to the comments on viscoelastic mattresses, when we talk about latex mattresses we can find mattresses that are composed of this material as a whole and not only in the padding.

This type of mattress is characterized by its great ability to adapt, so they are elastic and their pressure points are reduced.

Latex mattresses need a base that provides high perspiration because otherwise, they could deteriorate in a short time. You can buy Latex mattresses at

Can moisture appear on latex mattresses?

This type of mattress needs more perspiration, compared, for example, with spring mattresses.

It is for this reason that the recommended supports for latex mattresses are the slatted slats and the canap├ęs with laminated lid, since otherwise, moisture spots may appear on the mattress. Check out our article on how to clean a mattress? Where you will find tricks to eliminate moisture and fungi from the mattress.

Are there 100% natural latex mattresses?

Nowadays it is complicated that a latex mattress is 100% natural since the natural state of the latex is liquid. It is for this reason that other synthetic materials are usually used in order to shape it.

It can be said that the mattress block is made of natural latex when they have at least 85% of their natural latex composition. Although in a matter of publicity it is often said that a mattress is “100% Latex” when it is mixed natural with synthetic.

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