Adjustable beds improve everyone’s health

Dreams looking for rest equipment, take their hands to their heads when we propose that you buy best adjustable beds 2019. The first thing that the fortunate ones who enjoy good health often say is: “I do not have any problem, I do not need an articulated bed”. But as experts in rest systems, we like to make them understand that this is not the case. We know that adjustable beds, as they really are known, are created not only for people who have mobility problems, which of course come very well but to improve the health of everyone.

The positions of the adjustable beds are designed to significantly improve heart rates, muscle tension and, consequently, overall health. If we tell you all this is because we are concerned about your health and we want you to know that there are studies that prove it.

Fowler and gravity-zero, postures that have revolved the world of rest

If we talk about adjustable beds and rest positions we should mention Fowler. At the end of the 19th century, demonstrated that positioning patients’ beds during and after surgery significantly improved their breathing and muscle tension. That made them relax more and recover earlier. This is how the well-known position of Fowler was born.

Later it was the NASA that designed a position for the takeoff of the astronauts called “position of gravity zero” or “Gravity-Zero”. They realized that what Fowler said was true. This position favored blood circulation and relaxation. They came to this conclusion as a result of different investigations carried out to promote productivity, ergonomics, sleep quality and rest for astronauts.

Benefits of gravity-zero position

If you try a bed with this beneficial position you will not want to go back to your conventional bed. It will make you feel sensations of absolute calm and relaxation.

With the Gravity-Zero position, we raise the back and knees by 28 degrees so that the heart is above the latter working at a slower performance. This has a really fascinating effect for the spine since the compression forces of this are reduced to the maximum. But its benefits do not end there, it also increases lung capacity and even oxygen levels in the blood.